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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Under the sun

I am always conscious, living here at 58.6°N, of the movement of the Earth throughout the year. The Sun appears to traverse rapidly along the horizon, as the world turns. In these wide open skies, this movement is so obvious.  I watch it move across the edge of this now familiar landscape, feeling the expansion and contraction of the seasons.  I can understand why, in this place, ancient peoples decided to build their complex of stone circles. The rotation and tilting of the planet can be clearly observed, as the year moves on.

I find it awe-inspiring to look up into the sky and see where I am under the sun, standing securely on this spinning globe. I feel grounded by it - secure in the dependability of it. As I write, I also have the text of today's sermon in my mind "I will never leave you, nor forsake you" (Joshua 1:5), and it resonates with this feeling -  I can look out as the day begins and ends, and know that the sun will continue to rise and set without fail. In these often chaotic days of busyness, change and conflict, it is a comforting thought.

I had decided a few days ago, that I wanted to document the journey of  the Sun along my horizons. Every month I will take a picture of the sun at dawn, noon and dusk, and post it here. I am looking forward to charting the turning of the year.
These pictures were taken on the last day of August. The dawn broke at 6.25 am but it took 10 minutes before the sun broke above the bank of cloud lying on the Eastern horizon. It is rising almost in line with our bottom croft.
At noon, I was at the airport, seeing my elder son on to his flight back to the mainland, after a short but very welcome visit. The sun is still quite high towards the South. There is a stiff breeze sending the clouds scudding across the sky.
Sunset was at 8.20pm - almost in the middle of the space between the two croft houses opposite.
It will be interesting to see how the world has moved on by the end of this month.


  1. beautiful photographs - just stunning

  2. Love your photos. I grew up with clear view of the western horizon in Yorkshire. We would observe the suns journey along the horizon as the year progressed then watch it's return journey as the days grew shorter. It is fascinating, look forward to seeing your photos as winter approaches.
    My Dad also had a tractor like yours :0)
    Jacquie x

    1. Hi Jacquir - I've been told that the landscape here is similar to the Yorkshire moors - big skies. My husband loves his Fergie but I think it is going to be put to bed for the winter soon xx

  3. Beautiful - the weathers changed here - the sun is almost petulant in its absence. I hope it returns soon. A great idea to document it.xxxxx

    1. Thanks Fay - you are a bit further North than me - a whole .6 degree! It makes a difference :)

  4. Hi Jacqui,

    Our sermon today was taken from Jeremiah - the breaking of the covenant. I'm with the 'English' church, St. Peter's in Stornoway, Scottish Episcopal in other words, with a lady priest-in-charge. Not hugely popular with many of the traditional churches here on the island...

    1. Hi Albedo,
      Yes I've seen the Reverend lady around town. I remember she ruffled a few FC feathers when she arrived :)

  5. Just beautiful photos Jacqui. I have a deep fondness for pictures of the sky and yours are so stunning. I am so happy that you live in such a beautiful spot on this planet, one day I wish to see it in person.

  6. What a lovely post, and beautiful photographs. I'm always very conscious of where the sun is when the daylight hours start getting shorter. Sunset here is just before 8pm now - evening gardening has been curtailed. I like to take sunrise and sunset pictures on the solstices, although I usually miss sunrise on summer solstice - it's a bit early for me! I will look forward to seeing your pictures in this series.

  7. Beautiful. We've been Down South since the 23rd August...we're missing the extra half hour of evening we get in Ayrshire.

  8. These photographs and your words about awareness of sun and planet and the scale of it all are quite wonderful.

    I am very much looking forward to following your planned monthly documenting of these views. They will definitely be beautiful, but also give the rest of us a better idea of where we mortals do live.


  9. Lovely post, lovely lady
    Yearning to be back

  10. Beautiful photos (as always) and so interesting idea to document the journey of the Sun. Can't wait to see another pictures!

  11. Beautiful photos and such lovely words. "I will never leave you, nor forsake you"... such a treasured passage.

    Thank you for making my heart leap with inspiration.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  12. I bet it was sad to say goodbye. Our house has been very quiet and it's taken some getting used to. Love your sun photos and look forward to the monthly snaps.


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