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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Advent Journey: On Song

Advent is a time for singing. We sing many special songs at this time - Christmas Carols, choirs, concerts. We hear old familiar tunes as we wander around the shops or listen to the radio and tv. Music is a big part of our Christmas, we dig out the albums and sing along; we wait to hear who will be the top of the Christmas charts, we might get up and sing our party piece at gatherings. We sing at church as we celebrate the coming of Jesus. 

When Mary accepted God's plan for her, she rejoiced by singing. The Angels announced the birth of Jesus by singing. The Bible is full of songs, and it tells us too, that God sings over us. I love that. 

One of my favourite pieces of prose is the chapter in The Magician's Nephew where Aslan sings Narnia into being. I imagine the creation of our world to be like that. A divine note, resonating over time and space - the intricate mathematical details we find in Nature emerging to their own melodic energy. God hovering over the chaos and composing the most exquisite music as he formed His creation. And now we near the time when we celebrate the earthly birth of the Singer. As I approach the stable, I am listening out for the new song.


  1. I loved reading the Narnia books to my children - maybe even more than they did!

    1. I think they are a wee bit scary in parts. I enjoyed them more as an adult :)

  2. Loving this advent series. Each a lovely, thought provoking read. Thank you so much for sharing. Holly.x

    1. Thank you Holly - hope you are surviving the weather over there xx

  3. Oh yes, I loved that sing of Aslan! I adored this post! X


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