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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Yarns

Quick post to share my knitting and reading habits of late. I finished the Alpinia - yay! I am really pleased with it too - a very sweet cardigan indeed. Today I crocheted a wee bag to hold my iPhone when I am walking the dog in this warm weather. For some reason, most of my summer clothes don't have pockets, and I am using the phone to take all my pictures just now, so I wanted a cross-shoulder bag so I can be hands-free. I just made up a rough pattern, which you can see on my Ravelry page. I tested it out tonight and it did the job perfectly.
My next project will be a hat for John, using this lovely blue Rowan merino silk. He starts his chemotherapy next week... better cast on soon.

I am re-reading Bone by Marion Woodman. It is a diary of her own cancer journey and it is a beautifully written reflection, quotes from poetry and literature - lots of Jungian imagery, which I love too. I read this many years ago, on holiday in Crete, and I was very taken with it. This time, of course, I have a different perspective, and I am getting so much nourishment from it.

I am joining in with Ginny for Yarn Along - do drop by and see what everyone else is up to. xx


  1. Love the sweater! The little bag will work just great for walks, I have a small bag I carry for the same reason. Thinking of you and your family. Blessed Be.

  2. The sweater looks so cute, and so does your phone bag. I keep saying I am going to finally get a cell phone just so I can take photos, I think I am one of the few people who doesn't carry one.

  3. Thinking of you and your family.....

  4. The sweater is a delight perfect for this time of year and the little bag is adorable. I am about to make some bags to use some ribbon yarn I have that I didn't like when I started to crochet it for a scarf. Thinking of you and your family, hope all goes well for John.

  5. The Cardi and bag are beautiful Jacqui. Thinking of you and the family Xx

  6. What beautiful knits :). Thinking of you all in the coming weeks.

  7. Stunning cardigan, knitted so beautifully. Perfect little bag, so colourful too.
    Sending love, {hugs} and prayers your way. xx

  8. Great idea to make a bag for the phone, I also rely on my phone more and more for those quick candid moments. I still like the big camera and use it once a week but well....it's big. Love your finished sweater :)

  9. Greeting Jacqui, Praying for strength and comfort, that our Lord will become your point of gravity, it can be overwhelming at times,( we found it so ) Have ordered BONES, no Amazon in South Africa but Kalahari have it in stock.
    Much love Tricia

  10. Sorry typo error Jacqui BONE. xxx

  11. Lovely sweater and a cute bag for carrying your phone. Sending up prayers for you all!
    xo ~Lisa :)

  12. Just offered prayers for you and your husband. My father in law died of cancer two years ago, and we've had to walk this road with many friends. It is a hard, hard way.


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