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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Snowmen

It was the Sunday School Christmas party on Saturday. It also snowed! A fairly rare occurrence for us here on the islands - and by most people's standards, it was only a light dusting - but to us it was just so exciting. Of course, we had to make the most of it right away - these opportunities don't come around every Winter.

So - we built our Snowman - and pretty fine he looks too. Mind you, we used up most of the snow  making him, and by the evening, he had left with the heavy rain. Still, we were glad to meet him all the same.

Then we had our contribution to the party buffet to make - marshmallow snowmen! Quick, simple, effective and very delicious. What a jolly little group they made.

They are easy to make - no baking, just assembling with the aid of some melted chocolate ( how bad can that be?). melt a bar of white chocolate and pour a teaspoon into the bottom of a paper case. Push a marshmallow into the chocolate - sandwich another marshmallow on top with some more melted chocolate. Then melt some dark chocolate - half a large bar will be enough and use it to stick a giant chocolate button on the top of the 'head'. I then used a bag of Twirl bites to make rough top hats - you could use any suitable shaped chocolate confection to do this. using a cocktail stick, paint on the face and some buttons. Finish off with a red candy lace scarf, and a sprinkling of edible glitter, just for a wee touch of Christmas bling. Imperfectly perfect..

Luckily, there were a couple of out-takes that didn't make the final cut.
 Hurrah for Cook's perks - absolutely perfect ;)


  1. I love your snowman Jacqui and the snowmen too. I hope you are all well and enjoying the joy this time of year brings.
    I was thinking of you over the weekend as I read Emerson Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas and she held her seal. Hugs to you.

  2. Lve your marshmallow snow men! Tasty?

  3. the snow looks so magical jacqui, how lovely it must be. i've seen photos of shetland covered in white too, so different and wonderful. i hope you and your family have the most wonderful holiday season, filled with lots of joy and love. xoxo

  4. Super cute edible snowmen. Look really easy to make too.

  5. So pretty seeing your gentle hills covered in snow. Lovely!

  6. A wonderful landscape covered in snow, what a special treat just in time for the childrens party. Your snowmen look delicious!
    Have a wonderfully peaceful Christmas time. xx

  7. That is a fine snowman! And his little siblings look good too :)

  8. Every single one of your snowmen is so appealing. Lovely that you all did have the early snow on the day of the party!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. xo

  9. Those snowmen are delightful! And snow for you! I will send you some more from the Canadian prairies. We have far too much!

  10. Happy Christmas to you, the snow looks beautiful in such a superb location.

  11. I'm jealous of your dusting! We have clouds and impending rain. I love the snowmen that did not make the cut :)

  12. I have never thought about you not getting snow! I guess it passes you by and dumps on the Highlands? Your marshmallow snowmen are wonderful, I bet they didn't last long at the buffet!

  13. So cute!! Have a very merry Christmas with your family and friends. May the new year be full of healing and joy.

  14. No snow for us this Christmas :-( Hoping New Year might bring at least a dusting. I love the marshmallow snowmen! Helen


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