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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twelve Days

It has been a grand holiday, filled with family time, delicious food - (and drink), striding out on breezy walks, snuggling by the fire, lots of film watching, playing card games - and washing up. There are a few early signs of the returning light, eggs appearing in the nest box, bulb shoots popping up through the ground. I am always sad to pack away the Christmas decorations, on the twelfth day, but there is something  incredibly clearing about it too - a fresh clean start once more. Wishing you all the very best for 2015. xxx


  1. your room looks so comfy and homey, just perfect, I really like the quilted wall hanging thats beautiful, Happy New Year to you! Best wishes from Canada!

  2. How cozy does that room look? We are in the middle of a bitter January. -43 celcius tonight. Brrrr! Welcome to Canada! Or rather, the Canadian prairies....not all of Canada gets like this in the winter. Just the middle of it! I too have noticed the return of light - just a wee bit longer at supper time...not yet in the morning, but that will come too! My prayers are with you all for 2015!!

  3. Your room does look lovely except the sideboard is bare - I would love that space to fill up with pretty things! The quilted wall hanging is very beautiful and I like the rocking-chair very much.

  4. I am glad to hear you have had a lovely holiday. There are indeed signs of spring around little wee shoots of life bringing us all hope for the new year.

  5. Your rocking chair looks very inviting.

  6. Love the tweed cushions, they are a real delight. Best wishes for 2015.

  7. You have a stunning picture under your Advent post, Jacqui. The message of hope and your collage work above make me so glad you are doing well. Glad to hear your husband is stable, and hoping and praying for a good new year for you.

  8. love your quilted wall hanging as we swelter in 38 c temp could do with some of you coolness hope your husband gets better this year and that overall you have areally great year
    elizabeth in Australia

  9. I love clearing out the decorations and the fresh start of the new year as well :)

  10. Hi, Internet just back on here, only half a day without electricity, a few slates off the roof, thinking of you, hope your all ok, think the storm was worse for your area this time.( South Uist.)


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