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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Still in hibernation

The early days of 2015 have been quiet ones for us here. Its all about the weather - gales, snow, hail and oh - so cold. I get outside every day if I can, even if it is a quick dash down to the pier with Mick, dodging the stinging hailstones that come scattering  over the hills. Then it is back home - a warm drink by the fire, a spot of crafting, a filling meal.

Not much has been happening, really, so I haven't had anything to post. Still, it's February now and the evenings are definitely getting lighter, reminding me that the busy-ness of the long daylight will soon be here. Hmmm - I think it is time to throw another peat on the fire and enjoy just a wee bit more of this hibernation. xx


  1. Can you believe today was 65 degrees here, the trees are budding and the snow I have been wishing for has a 50% chance of arriving on Friday?! Enjoy your cold, winter days.

  2. I love hibernating, your pictures are lovely and don't really convey the bitter cold!

  3. Although I am at the other end of the country, hibernating añd waiting seems to be my January theme too

  4. Ahh another lovely post - tonic for the soul. You enjoy your hibernation, its what humans should do this time of year.

  5. hibernating is very much the order of the day! we're under seige from a winter storm and from what i saw of the snow and heard of the wind when i let the dogs out just now, i don't think we'll be going too far today!

    i just spotted a book in your sidebar -- Callanish by William Horwood -- i LOVED the Duncton Wood books..so naturally my curiosity is piqued!!

    hunker down, i say....the best part of winter is the forced quietude...something i seem to forget to treasure sometimes.


  6. Hibernation is a good idea...time to quietly tidy up after all the too busy to stop time!

  7. your season of hibernation sounds lovely... even the hail! Enjoy. :)

  8. Here on the Canadian prairies we are once again into the bitter, frigid temperatures. I send you some warmth and a cup o'tea over the cyber-waves! :) Keep warm and cosy!

  9. Hibernating is a good thing at this time of year. I have not been terribly successful at it. we are now hibernating with illness :(

  10. Jacqui, with those dramatically beautiful surroundings I can tell why you'd be drawn outdoors for a walk, despite the weather. It also seems a perfect way to gain additional appreciation for the warmth to be found at home...indoors by the fire.

    Each photograph is a beauty! xo

  11. So, whatcha making with the quilting supplies? Love the colour combination!


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