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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yarn Along - Inspired

Things have been so very busy here, lately, that there has been little time for new projects - so I have been plodding on at what has possibly become the slowest ripple ever.  I am well over halfway though, and it actually now feels like a blanket covering my knees as I work. It is such fun to see it come together and a great project just to pick up and work a few stitches whenever a spare moment occurs. I am occasionally updating the photos on Ravelry as I go along.
I have been so - so inspired by Selina Lake's utterly gorgeous book, Homespun Style. It is not a 'how to' book, but a collection of inspiring home interiors, using hand crafted items and styles. By the time I had reached page 28, I had identified at least 3 different ideas I could adapt for my own home.  Our house is a rather uninspiring 1970s box bungalow on a working croft, and I do struggle, sometimes, to release its potential, so I am delighted that Selina's book has given me a fresh eye and lots of inspiration to work with.

When Karen was visiting last week, we went shopping - well you do don't you?  In one of my favourite home interior shops in Stornoway, I happened to spot Bazaar Style, by the same author. I flicked through it - put it back - pulled it out again - flicked through - put back and then, just as I was about to pay for my other items, I rushed back to the shelf and retrieved the book.  I am so glad I did, as it has been another fabulous fund of ideas.  I do love the stunning pictures of all those beautiful rooms, and while I realise that they are styled for the camera, and that my lot would soon appropriate all those gorgeous cushions and crochet throws for some game - they make me so happy just to look at them.
Well,anyway, Karen and I headed to a lovely cafe for a drink and a browse though the new book, before nipping across the bridge to the charity shops, our eyes wide open for potential projects.

And here it is - a wooden stool (£3).  Just what I need to sit by the telephone table in the hall.  It has been painted, or stained a kind of browny - orangey colour, and was hiding away in a corner.  Just the thing!  Oh my - how those ideas flowed.  How about painting it lipstick red, perhaps with white Nordic style stencilling - or calligraphy?  Or - painted in several different colours, or covered in pretty paper cut-outs - decoupage style?  Topped with a padded colourful cushion?

And also, I do quite like it just as it comes - orange varnish and all.  So, while I make up my mind what to do, I am crocheting a granny square cover for it using some of my yarn stash, and dreaming of all the other projects I can be up to.
See what projects everyone else is dreaming up this week over at Ginny's Yarn Along.


  1. what a fabulous post - just what I needed to read today!

  2. I fully understand how buying a book on home interiors can make you happy! I do it all the time, if not buying books then poring over the many and varied home interior/design blogs there are out there.
    I love the little wooden stool, perhaps a shabby chic make over would be the thing?

  3. Your granny square stool cover is great.

  4. Those books sound very inspirational, I have so many unfinished things on the go at the moment, I daren't look at any homestyle or crafting books else all would be lost..........the little crochet stool cover is lovely, orange varnish and all.

  5. The lines on your stool are very nice and it appears to be very sturdy. In reading your ideas for a makeover, I like the idea of red with white Nordic style stenciling. The red would show through the crocheted cover. Wonderful thrift find....

  6. Interior Design books scare my husband...he's afraid of the "honey do" lists that come with them...Honey do this, honey do that....I personally think they're grand! I love the idea of a lipstick red stool :)

  7. Love the afghan! I have a couple of afghans that my mother made and I treasure them!! Have fun fixing up the stool or leaving it like it already is.

  8. What a lovely find Jacqui! I think I like the table just like it is, very retro!
    I need to find a copy of your book. My home is decorated in lots of different styles, just whatever I like!

  9. I love being inspired, and thrifting is so much fun. Not much cash output, lots of wonderful creative fodder. I'm going to check out that author from my library.

  10. Wow your blanket is looking fantastic! Love the colours. Be perfect for next winter, although could probably make use of it right now with the temperature feeling more autumnal than on the cusp of summer. I love your cover for your stool, hmmm, could do a few of those for our dining chairs (a thrift find nearly 12 years ago and still going strong!) but I'd have to do eight of them!!

  11. The ripple looks lovely!

    I ordered the book (via Amazon) and I love it. Our house is relatively new and while we love it, it does have that contractor feel -- in this case read that as no personality. :-( I've found several bits that I want to incorporate into our home with my own twist.

    I think the cover for your stool is going to look great.

  12. i enjoy books with lovely pictures in them too. i am not a natural home decorator. i think i probably have more of it in me than i know but the practical has outweighed the creativity in my life. i'm working on meshing the two together. it sounds like you had a wonderful day out.

  13. I like books on home interior, because they show how easily you can transform your home into a masterpiece.

  14. It's amazing how much inspiration you can see in one little stool. Definitely made me smile!

  15. Ooh I'm enjoying that ripple - lots of pictures like that may just get me kick started.
    Cute granny for the new stool.

  16. Oh Jacqui, what a post...so many ideas...can't wait to see what you do with that stool!! xx

  17. jacqui i have that book in my cart! thank you for sharing it, and your wonderful find, a perfect stool i think. love your ripple too!


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