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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Reflection

The early April sun shone down on us,with a tantalising hint of Summer warmth, enticing us out to the ocean. We headed up the West side, chattering away, in holiday mode, and followed the winding road down to this little gem of a beach. There is a raised lochan there, from which a burn* flows down to the sea.  We love to sit on this rickety old bridge, peering down into the gently rippling water. 

Before long, we meander down the path and scramble over the stones and boulders to the compact white crescent of sand, and to the sea - sparkling like sapphire in the afternoon sunshine. It is a deadly beauty, though, as the currents here are strong, and the tides are fierce.  Apart from a vague notion of collecting a few shells, we have no purpose other than just to be here. Shoes, boots and socks come off and we wander around, dipping our toes in the shallows - doing our own thing - occasionally calling the other to look at something of interest - a beautiful crystal or pearly shell, some really fast running, or a whirlpool out on the rocks.

After a short while (or a long while - who knows with sea time?) we leave this beach to the seabirds, and move a little further up the coast.

This is a different kind of shore, yet only a few miles on. The sea is like glass, and the waves glide in undetected, rising to a gentle swell - before breaking  in a perfect curve, like a ripple of polite applause.
There are always plenty of the little pearly winkle shells that we like to collect here, so a lot of time is spent beach combing and filling our pockets with our tiny treasures. Along at the far end of the shore, there is an abundance of birdlife, and today we saw oyster catchers, divers, waders, terns, greenfinch and various seagulls. All of them hopped just out of shot as we clumsily approached, and then resumed their activities when we had moved away. This beach also has a raised lochan just beyond, with a strip of machair and shingle separating fresh water from salt.

We walk along this causeway, barefoot - enjoying the feeling of the sun-warmed pebbles, rough grasses and shells on our feet - nature's reflexology, indeed. I remark that I had read somewhere, that some people pay to go on barefoot walking holidays. "Why don't they just take their shoes off and walk about?!" he exclaims, incredulously.

But is is a glorious day - one where the memories of Winter gales, and looming chores are banished, as we drink in the sights, sounds and sensations of our day out. As we watch the waves rise fall gently on the shore, I am aware too of another movement - a subtle shift in my relationship with this boy- now in his seventh year. I suddenly realise how grown-up he is -how he holds own opinions,and can clearly articulate them - how he has made sense of his world and how it has shaped him, how he is coming into himself. As I look at him, gazing out to the Western horizon, I  think I can see the beginnings of the man he will become, and my heart melts ♥

* burn - stream, brook, creek


  1. Hi there, this is a beautiful post and I had tears in my eyes when I read it earlier. My boy is 5 and already I have these feelings about what an independant wee thinker he is becoming. This is also a great meditation on mindfulness as well and your beautiful photos set it off perfectly. Thanks for sharing this, Jo x

  2. Gosh, my eyes filled up with tears reading this post. Beautiful words, stunning photos. You're very blessed with your weather, we are desperate for warm sunshine but woke up to 3 inches of snow again today. It feels more like Lapland than Scotland!

    Hugs, Tina xx

  3. That first little beach just looks so beautiful. I can picture it and hear the sound of the waves. We've had some glorious weather of late, wonderfully blue vibrant skies and sunshine, though still cold.

  4. Oh, J, that is so beautiful. As I was reading I was thinking that your boy has grown a lot since I first "met" you. What a gorgeous piece of writing. It was as if I was there with you. Please keep it to share with him one day.

    1. Thank you - I felt I really wanted to record this feeling. It's been good to watch our children grow x

  5. I remember first reading your blog and he was such a wee boy. To know now he is expressing himself so well and so maturely, wow. How lovely he is growing up in such a beautiful place and can have that with him always.

  6. How lovely, and what a beautiful young man he is.
    I love the land you call home, what a beautiful place.
    Much love to you.x

  7. Beautiful post. Those beaches are very like the ones here in Northland.

  8. Such a wonderful post! Your words and photos are beautiful! :-)

    ~ Wendy

  9. Lovely pictures and sentiments. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Also what a good reason to blog, that day and your thoughts are there now to read and remember. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  10. He looks so tall and grown up in the photos! Seems like yesterday he was a little lad. You do live a beautiful corner of the world :)

  11. Thank you everyone. I am often surprised myself when I look back at early posts and see how small he looks. Sometimes even a few months makes a difference! I am glad I began this blog xx

  12. Such beautiful pictures and words. I think I may have visited the first beach in your pictures and we too were drawn in to its beauty, you have a beautiful place to call home. It is easy to forget to really look at our children and see how much they have grown and changed, thank you for the reminder.

  13. Such beauty! My boys are growing so much, too. My twelve-year-old is now taller than me, with his seven-year-old brother not too far behind him. I can see glimpses of the men they will be and it makes my heart happy. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful, sunny images. I can't wait for warm weather so we can once again be barefoot!

    1. Hello, Jenny. Yes it is such a joy to watch them. I remember how thrilled my older son was when he finally became taller than me - now at 21 he is living his own life in a far away city... Xx

  14. heavenly. what a lovely post. thank you.


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