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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Reflection

It's been a difficult week. Not for me, particularly. Indeed there has been the usual mix here of work, play, crafts and cakes - those ordinary yet extraordinary moments that make up our days. But... today they seem irrelevant - indulgent even.

In recent weeks, on the Islands, we have been no strangers to untimely tragic deaths. And, from all corners of the world, in the last few days, comes news of so many lives lost. Cut short, in a sudden and terrible way. 

I have no answers - no words for this.

I can only remind myself of what is good and beautiful in the world- and be grateful. 

To send love and light out over the endless seas

To remember that these rocks have endured on this Earth for 3 billion years - and to know my place


  1. such a beautiful thought provoking post, thank you for sharing this today,
    amazing images

  2. Beautiful and wise words to accompany those stunning photos. xoxo

  3. there is so much beauty and goodness in the world, just like what is to be found here. hugs to you jacqui. xo lori

  4. I agree with what has already been said, beautiful images and poignant words, Rowen x

  5. Lovely, thoughtful reflection.

  6. lovely, lovely sentiments!the photos as always reflective of your words

  7. we do live in a beautiful place, all be it a challenging world :( ..beautiful pictures as always, have a lovely week ahead xxx

  8. I find that we can look at the positive or the negative and sometimes it's difficult to switch between the two. Turning off the news helps. I hope you feel better this week and the photos are stunning!

  9. I love this post so much, the words, the photos, the feelings it brings to my soul. We must always look for the beauty, it's there!

  10. A beautiful, beautiful post. xx

  11. Thanks so much for that perspective, it is much needed just now in this world we live in. Jo xx

  12. A wonderful post. It is so clear that you appreciate the beauty of where you live. It seems right that you do.

  13. Thank you all for such lovely comments. The world is an amazing place indeed. xxx

  14. I read somewhere this week to " look for the helpers" where ever there is bad things happening..look and you will see thoes rushing to help..it eases my soul...as do your lovely photos. Thank you for sharing x


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