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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Seven Days at random

:: Sunday lunch at the home of friends - lovely company - great food - and a view!

:: Cream buns - and the first time I have ever made choux pastry

:: A Moss Carder Bee sunning itself outside the polytunnel.

:: A Night at the Opera - Handel's Rodelinda  - beautiful.

:: Candy striped beetroot - a ring for each moon of growth.

:: Watching a commercial for Japanese cauliflower mayonnaise being filmed at the standing stones

:: A surprise hatching of chicks.

Just a random collection of my days lately -  little things that make me smile. Wishing you lots of smiles in the days ahead.


  1. Just perfect.
    Thank you.
    Dianne - Hereford

  2. What a lovely variety of pictures. Who would have thought the best way to sell Japanese cauliflower mayonnaise would be via a Scottish island?!

  3. Beautiful photos. What an amazing view - lucky friends indeed. Japanese cauliflower mayonnaise - you'd think it would sell itself.

  4. I loved the mayonnaise episode - so bizzare yet such fun. They were a really nice crowd and there were a lot of cauliflowers :)

  5. loved seeing your days jacqui, oh my that is a view.

  6. Thank you! They made me smile too. x

  7. Thank goodness for the little things that make us smile. Cauliflower mayonnaise. Now I simply MUST know about this product! Oh, and those clouds and that scenery! Stunning.

  8. Beautiful post! And oh, how I love those little chicks! :) xxx

  9. that bee could very well be someone's pet it's so furry and fluffy! I've never seen one like that before! Thanks for sharing your week with us :)

  10. You've definitely got me smiling this Monday morning. What a delightful collection of photos from what must have been quite a varied week.

    Although I enjoyed every single one of the pictures, the first in the queue with That Sky just took me very far away from my little city apartment. Thank you. xo

  11. Your first picture makes me want to buy a plane ticket right now and run out the door!

  12. I have a special spot in my heart for cream puffs, it's the first recipe I ever baked by myself.
    Cauliflower mayo? Now I must find a jar just so I can try it.

  13. That certainly is a spectacular view! Your trips out look great especially the night at the opera. Have a great week this week too xx

  14. Gorgeous chicks! What a delightful surprise for you!


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