I knew at the beginning of the year that I wanted to let go of the blog. I am in a different place now and I need the space to work through a great many things. I intend to keep the archives up for a time, although I have removed the comment function.
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Five Good Things

Finding a new normal as we ease ourselves back in. Trying to find the joy in the everyday.

A warm breeze to dry the laundry.
A bowl of nourishing broth.
A pretty dish to inspire.
Realising Summer is here!

Have a wonderful week xxx


  1. Such a beautiful list Jacqui from a beautiful woman!

  2. and somehow your five things make it a beautiful ordinary day. (praying as always!)

  3. Happy harvesting! It's the simple pleasures of taking care of your family...they are the best and the most rewarding.
    Love and {hugs} x

  4. Jacqui, I absolutely agree. Five very good things.


  5. Five great pictures, five great moments! I am glad to hear you are back home and the surgery went well! Good luck with settling back in! :)
    Take care

  6. Good list, good looking soup there. Wishing you all well in the week ahead, Wendy, Edinburgh x

  7. Love the dish... And the clothesline! God is so good. :)

  8. Yes! Wishing you many moments of peace and enjoyment in the coming days. xox

  9. love your 5 jacqui. clothes on the line is one of my very favorite! and soup!

  10. It's amazing how uplifting a little list of simple gratitudes can be, even on the hardest of days. And good laundry-drying conditions is often one of mine!! ♥Mo

  11. It always feels better to be home to recouperate. Hospitals just seem to make one sicker. I continue to remember and pray for you and your family. This can be stressful on James too.
    Myra, from Winnipeg, Canada

  12. So happy you all are home together. Keeping you in my prayers. xxxxx


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