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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Keeping On

We've had a busy time over the last couple of weeks since we got home. John is doing well, but understandably a bit apprehensive about what lies ahead of him. Thankfully, we have had some wonderful and useful support from  our family and community. The animals are being looked after - various commitments are being taken care of - everything is quietly under control, allowing us to concentrate on fighting this cancer.

We had visits from son Kenneth and Louise, his partner, as well as step-son, Charlie. They were a great help around the house and garden during their stay, but we still had a chance to visit our neighbours' new Gourmet Street food stall in Stornoway. Well worth a visit if you are here.

We had the Sunday School picnic and barbecue at a nearby beach. It was great fun - good food, laughs and lots of races. Oh - and the ladies won the tug of war too!

There was more work in the garden - trying to catch up and make sure we don't miss anything. The roses have just begun to bloom and it looks like there will be a stunning display this year. I couldn't resist bring these two beauties indoors - the perfume is just amazing. (Gertrude Jekyll

But we are off on our travels again - heading back to Inverness, where John will undergo a week of high dose radiotherapy to his spine. Its a bit sooner than we expected, but we are glad to be getting on with it. I feel a bit like we are on a roller coaster ride - so many ups and downs, long slow periods then the brakes are off and we are flying. People keep asking me "and how are you...?" In truth, I have no idea -I suppose it's like I am breathing in all the time. Things have to be done and dealt with, and that's what I am doing. I'll exhale later...
Sometimes I click on older posts and read about our past adventures - full of hopes dreams and plans - and a fair bit of action too! They are a poignant read now.  It's as if life has been put on pause, and yet - it still goes on, in a kind of disconnected way. I've no idea what lies ahead for us, but I know we will deal with it. This is just another part of the journey, I suppose.

So - moving forward, as they say, and I am sitting relaxing with a glass of Pinot Noir, and a pile of lovely Summery magazines, taking a break from all that's going on. I am also desperately trying to finish knitting this cardigan - because I really want to start on something new.....


The latest addition to the croft is this lovely caravan. We are both quite excited about this project ( and you know we really need another project, don't you...) . She is a 30 year old van, and in fairly good condition. Nice and dry inside - just a tiny bit of black around one of the cupboard doors, and in need of a Really Good Clean.

A wee bit tatty and dated, but nothing that can't be fixed up. Look at all those panelled cupboard doors - just crying out for some groovy wallpaper inserts.

I'm thinking orange as my base colour - curtains, quilts, throws, bedding. And guess what - when I looked at my stash, there seemed to be gallons of orangey-ness  - just waiting on the right project!

So - the pimping has begun. I have been staking out the charity shops, and my ebay account has seen a bit of action - as well as frittering away a lot of time extensively researching on Pinterest. We are planning to use the van as a Summer extension to the house, and also as a creative space/garden retreat, so I have a bit more scope than if we were going to use it as a touring van.

I love it very much - it makes me feel so happy when I look out the window and see it nestled in its space beside the polytunnel. it looks as if it has always been there

James loves it too. He's been popping out there quite often just to stretch out on the soft comfy couches, and possibly play some minecraft in peace. I asked him if we should give the van a name. he thought for a moment, and then said "I think we should call it The Caravan of Delight"  I think so too. xx


  1. From Margie in Toronto - You have an amazing outlook considering all that you are dealing with and it is so good to know that family and friends are pitching in to help. I hope that the treatment goes well and that you are both home soon. Thinking of you.

  2. What a great project, I would love it too.
    I'm glad that John will start his treatments so y'all can get all the behind you and then move on.
    Thinking of you Jacqui, and keeping all of you in my prayers.

  3. What a lovely project! I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and just take it day by day. Just remember to breathe! Best of luck for the radiation treatments.

  4. The caravan looks a wonderful project. Good that John is about to start his treatments. The waiting is always hard.

    Love and hugs from New Zealand. Sue

  5. The Caravan of Delight looks wonderful, something for you to look forward too as you plan her transformation with colour and design. A little haven of peace and quiet.
    I'll be praying for you both this week as you enter the next phase of your journey and John's treatment. Love and best wishes xxx

  6. Lovely caravan! I couldn't be without my camper - you can wake up in places you could never find a B&B - bet there are loads of beautiful spots on Lewis. Lovely!

  7. From Jackie in Canada ... I really love your Caravan of Delight. I can only imagine what a haven it will be for you richly decorated in shades or orange which is warm and comforting. I am thinking and praying for you both with John starting his next phase of treatment ... better to start early moving forward to good health and you can put this all behind you marvelling at how strong you have all been. God Bless xx

  8. I love that caravan. That is what my husband and I would love to do someday, once we have a place and space to store it. It will be a welcome distraction for you both, and a project of hopeful future adventure.

  9. looks like a fun addition for the family! Please know you are in my prayers as you journey through this challenge.

  10. Enjoy your caravan and all the pimping out you will be doing.

    Prayers and thoughts are still coming your way from Saskatchewan, Canada.

    God bless.

  11. You are an amazing woman....that's all I want to say. Sending big hugs your way, xxxx

  12. Kind thoughts to you all during this difficult time. We have an awning that would fit your van and extend the space even futher. You are very welcome to have it at no cost if it would be of use to you. Catriona

  13. Thinking of you as you journey through this time. xx

  14. just had a bit of a catchup on your blog, Jacqui. I'm very sorry to hear about John and my thoughts and prayers are with you in addition to so many others. Wishing you all the very best and much peace as you head off for this next stage of journey. xx

  15. I know what you mean about the not exhaling. I hope you can do a little bit of exhalation from time to time, though. Keeping you all in my prayers. Thanks for keeping us updated. Our family sends you much, much love.

  16. Thank you for finding time to share this post with us. The Sunday school picnic looks to have been a time of joy. The Caravan of Delight is a marvelous name. What a powerfully good image to return to over and over again.

    Best wishes to you and yours. xo

  17. I'm so happy to read that you are all doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you as your husband goes for his next round of treatments. xo Your new caravan is absolutely amazing and I'm insanely jealous!!! The name that your son came up with is perfect!! I wish you much happiness with it!! I love that vintage book!!!!!!! Have a beautiful and peaceful week. xo

    ~ Wendy

  18. Oh, the Caravan of Delight! Sounds like just what you all need during this difficult journey. And I love your groovy orange theme.

  19. What a wonderful idea a space you can retreat to, the caravan looks wonderful and I love the name! Will be thinking of you all this coming week :)

  20. Happy to say that this New York girl had a lovely bacon roll from the Gourmet Street Food stall just last Friday! Yum yum! Now back in NY after a stay on Berneray. Congrats on your new caravan-lots of fun adventures ahead in your new home away from home. All the best to John as he starts this next round of treatment and a big hug to you.

  21. Wonderful to see the Caravan of Delight. Clever James for that name!
    Thinking of you all and wishing you well this week. Holding you all close in prayers. Wendy, Edinburghx

  22. Keep breathing, my dear. Even if that is all you do some days, just do what you can. The unimportant stuff will fall to the side and the important stuff will get done! Thinking about all three of you (and of course the extended bits of the family)!!!!!!!!


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