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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Shine bright like a diamond

We've been back down to Edinburgh. Very damp and dismal this time, but the Christmas lights sparkled even more through the gloom. Isn't that the point, though? Without the darkness, we could miss that light shining through.

Oh, and what bright lights surrounded me, as we gathered to celebrate this weekend. The glowing faces of my family, lots of food, fun and laughter - the perfect combination to mark the engagement of my elder son, Kenneth, to his high school sweetheart, Louise. We are all so happy to welcome her, although, truth be told, she has always felt like one of the family. I am so excited to have such a lovely daughter-in-love, and now I have a wedding to look forward to. 

And so, as we head into the darkest month, I am so glad I have such a light to focus on.


  1. festival of light and happiness!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We were in Edinburgh last week it was dry and warm.............it seems that when most people visit it is wet and cold I think I got lucky there!

  3. What a wonderful family time and a wedding to look forward to, in the future. I, too, have been surrounded with family for over a week, celebrating our Thanksgiving Holiday. It was very demanding on me, with all the cooking requests of past favorites. It does my heart so much good to have my three children all together, for one brief time. By the way, I also enjoyed your "birthday photo" and post.

  4. Lovely I always wanted a large family

  5. So glad you could enjoy your family. Advent is here, may it guide you through this time of darkness.

  6. What a delight, a wonderful celebration and something to look forward to. Take care.

  7. Congratulations to your son and his lady .

  8. How fun to make plans to 'officially' welcome a new daughter in love to the family, congratulation!
    Loved looking at all the photos, you have such a beautiful family Jacqui.

  9. Congratulations, a lovely piece of good news and a great place to celebrate too, we spent the day in Edinburgh yesterday, a bit of Christmas shopping and pottering around, I love it :)

  10. Love these photos, you captured the joy so beautifully!! Happy wedding planning xx

  11. Oh that is such wonderful news and what a shining light indeed. Many well wishes to all of you and congratulations to your son and his sweetheart xo

  12. Love not law - of course! If my offspring are blessed with lifelong partners, I shall certainly be using that term! X

  13. beautiful family!!! lovely post and now I have a song stuck in my head...

  14. This is an absolutely beautiful post, Jacquie. Your photos and your words made me smile. You truly do have so much to look forward to!! Many blessings to you all!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  15. Congrats to your son! Indeed, the love of family gathered shines and warms the heart. My own daughter and son-in-love are in Edinburgh (their first winter there); daughter is struggling with the short days to be sure. Any suggestions I can pass her way? xo Lisa

    1. I hope she is ok. I would say to try to embrace it - pretty soon there will be hardly any darkness, and the city fills up with tourists. It's fun but tiring, so enjoy the hibernation. We are only a couple of weeks away from the shortest day, by mid January there is a definite shift. Try and get out for a walk everyday, late morning/lunchtime when it's dry. Vitamin D3 or omega 3. Candles, and cosy comfort-read about Hygge and hang in there xxx


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