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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seven Days

Seven things I have loved this last seven days.

<>Throwing ourselves down the sand dunes on a last Summer holiday beach trip.
<>Flowers from the garden.
<>This perfect face
<>Secret hiding places
<>The view from my chair in the poly-tunnel
<>A refilled glass after dinner.

Slowly easing ourselves back into old, familiar routines after our wonderful Summer. Lots more sun still to come though. Have a good week xxx


  1. What lovely pictures. It looks as though you had a wonderful week. That little face is utterly adorable!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I would love to throw myself down a sand dune and land in a pile of flowers, while eating a delicious croissant for breakfast, only to wash down the fun with a refill ;)

    Seriously though... it looks like you've been having a lovely time.

    Wishing you a beautiful day.

  3. Wonderful pictures! I hope my tomatoes turn red soon too!

  4. Well any one of these images on their own, with your commentary, would be worthy of remembering. Taken together as a week, they make a series that would be difficult to forget.



  5. how could one possibly get anything done with a little face like this to look at? beautiful week jacqui :)

  6. Beautiful babies and an Uncle that is getting so grown.
    I love seeing your tomatoes Jacqui and am already missing them here.
    Enjoy a beautiful week ahead.

  7. i'd be happy cuddling that little one all day long!!! too cute!

  8. Such a lovely series of photos.

  9. you have me craving summer!

  10. the starting of the fall schedule takes me about two weeks to get into the groove. Lovely photos and you know they all scream summer still!

  11. Sometimes life is just simply good... and I love that!

  12. love that wine glass Jacqui and the sand meets sky photograph X with love and light X

  13. Looks like so much fun with the sand dunes and the perfectly round baby face!

  14. A baby's face contains such wonder and hope and beauty and peace. Loving staring into the face of my new granddaughter. :) Enjoy the rest of your summer, ~Lisa

  15. I always love your photos. They are full of family and full days and goodness. Everything I love.

  16. Fresh flowers, croissants, tomatoes and wine, marvellous! I'd like all of those please plus a smoosh of those lovely baby cheeks. Looks like a lovely seven days was had by you and yours. Hope the next seven follow suit (and that we get treated to some sunshine here on Lewis, too :) ) Holly.x

  17. What lovely happy memories you have captured. The summery routine will soon be changed to the autumn one, a very colourful time of the year. Have a wonderful week. xx

  18. Wow!! that baby is heaven sent... what an adorable face.
    Great pictures as usual.. and keep on enjoying your sunshine.. we're moving into Spring here.. yeaha!!


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