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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Postcards

Another great week, spending time with dear friends. Visiting all our favourite, most special places, enjoying food, fresh from the garden, and beach picnics. Taking in the local village show, crafting and chatting into the evenings. So sad to see the ferry take the last of our Summer visitors away. I am not quite ready to let go of the season yet, even though school begins again on Thursday.
Wishing you a week of sunshine and happy days. xx


  1. school is beginning so early? wow, ours doesn't start until the end of August. Get all of the summery goodness in while you can :)

  2. I love each one of these photographs so much. You continue to show me a place that I dream of, but might not ever see myself.

    The photo of the standing stones is my favorite.

    Our NYC sunsets occur earlier day by day, but I hope that your sky still remains light a bit deeper into the clock's version of evening.


  3. i love these too jacqui, i think frances and i need to come on that ferry!

  4. I am not ready for summer to be over with either, but I wouldn't mind a break from this heat.

  5. BEAUTIFUL photos! That cauliflower looks amazing. Such gorgeous scenery too.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  6. enchanting as always. What an early start for school but the coming season beckons doesn't it. I am jealous of your cauliflowers, the pests always get mine x

  7. Time spent with friends is the best xx

  8. I love the fall, but not ready for school to start, either. Ahhh, but if I was a home-schooling nana. Now there would be great possibilities. Your photos are lovely ~ I especially like the beach picnic and the pumpkin yarn!

  9. Thanks all - mid August is always back to school here. We break up for Summer holidays in June. Still enjoying some nice warm weather and beach days xxx

  10. and I love your blog header.. great image


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